One Way Ticket - Achievements

Hello everybody,

in this year’s IF-Comp I just finished the splendid “One Way Ticket”. Well, at least I finished the main story - but obviously I missed a lot of the achievements although I was really trying.

As a help for others that are also trying to find the achievements, I will desribe which ones I have (following the layout of the achievements on the map):

  • Near the tower:

Watch the house on legs walking here at night.

  • Between windmill and tower:

Give the contemplator of the smelling flower.

  • The shop with legs:

Confront the owner with the question whether it is of Greek or Roman origin and get an Ace.

  • Train station:

Read the mayors letter (in your room after locking it), and get an Ace.

  • Train locomotive:

Go there using the drivers cap and use the levers to get the package out, finding an Ace.

  • Train second carriage: ???

  • Train third carriage: ???

  • Train last carriage:

Get tobacco for the tavern.

  • West tram station: ???

  • Tavern 1: ??? (Probably finding all the four Aces?)

  • Tavern 2:

Get mulled tea in the endgame when everything is covered in snow.

  • Church 1: ???

  • Church 2:

After disassembling the Scarer, bring the rosemary to the priest.

  • Cemetary: ???

  • Workshop:

Check here during the endgame (when everything is covered in snow).

  • On the tracks: ??? (Probably finding the lost bracelet somehow, but how? Must have to do something with a knight.)

Maybe anybody has some hints for the missing ones? Thank you!