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Hi there,

I would like to present you my experimental game called Twelf Kingdoms (TK):

Been toying with the idea of making this project for such a long time: A Choose Your Own Adventure game, where your choices do matter, they shape you and your surroundings, and the player is free to explore all available path, without any restrictions (that is, there’s a hard limit on length of play, as all routes will eventually take–roughly–the same amount of time).

TK is heavily influenced by classic gamebooks, D&D and alike games, and thrives to deliver a closer experience that of a book’s. The goal is to create a world (it’s set in a world, where no magic exists–or we thought–and it is up to us to get to the bottom of it), in which you can hop into, and forget about everything else . . .

If you wish to know more about it, feel free to ask me, or you can always hop on to here, to check it out.

The game is in super-early stages, but it is being worked on a daily basis, to build a proof of concept–as long as I can.

The next big update is soon to come, but until then, here’s the latest ATLAS update video.

Was pleasure meeting ya!



Hi there!

I’ve just launched the Adventure Update! Have a peek at it:

For more info, please visit my Devlog at:

Just had a quick look – what area can I start in? (any I chose were under construction)
Also, I find the font exceptionally hard to read.

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Thanks for the reply. Really struggling to read that font – its legibility is truly awful!

There’s been a massive, soul-crushing project in the making, from which this project is a sort of a distraction really; sort of… It is a text only, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type of game, with non-typical and elusive writing; something that is up to the reader’s interpretation. Updates are sporadically applied. The project is really just a form of expression, in hopes to deviate from the classic CYOA games (style of writing), to create something new and somewhat different. Play the game below (browser):

Basic CYOA


Hmm. This link doesn’t work for me, it just ends up at the homepage of the URL shortener you used. Try posting the full link.

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