One more (tiny) IntroComp extension, then... awards!

I’m clearly slightly too busy to do this thing right this year, my apologies… I forgot to remind you all one last time. So this is that reminder, and because reminding you the day of the deadline is not a great reminder, I’ll nudge the voting deadline every-so-slightly one more time. Turn your votes in on Saturday, please.

Saturday is the honest-to-goodness, absolute deadline, though, because we are having the awards ceremony on Sunday at noon eastern on the ifMUD. If you’ve never been there, try to check it out a bit before the ceremony. Accounts are free!

See you Sunday, hopefully! And thanks again for everyone who’s written, or tested, or played and voted!

  • Jacqueline

My inner procrastinator will thank you for the extension. It may thank you at 11:59 PM Central Time, but it will thank you. I’m somewhat-near done, and I hope other people are, too. Even if you get to only, say, half of the games, it’s a nice experience.