One Checkbox Setting Multiple Variables (Twine 2, Harlowe)

Twine Version: Twine 2
Story Format: Harlowe

I’m a Twine newbie and am building an interactive campaign for the Marvel United board game. I want users to be able to easily tell the Twine story what characters are in their collection. I am planning on having checkboxes for individual characters BUT there are categories of characters (ones that come together in various expansions), so I was hoping to ALSO provide checkboxes for indicating that the user owns an entire expansion and setting the variable for each character contained in that expansion to TRUE with one click. Is this possible?

This isn’t Stack Overflow. How’d you do it?

Actually, I didn’t figure it out. I thought I had, but, alas, I jumped the gun.

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I would say just offer the player the option to choose by individual character or by expansion on different screens.

I think you can make the checkboxes sticky if their variable is already set, so then on the confirmation screen just show what characters are set by checkboxes and the player can then fiddle with them before starting.

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