One character, multiple locations


I’m working (heh…working) on a game that takes place in a spaceship. On this spaceship is of course the computer. I’d like the PC to be able to talk to the computer from almost anywhere on the ship. So I was wondering if I could use the MultiLoc mixin with the UntakeableActor class. Or would it maybe be easier to have the computer “character” silently follow the PC around and only respond in certain rooms?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know whatever MultiLoc can be mixed with Actor, but you could also place computer in some special room connected with other rooms with SenseConnector passing sound. Only other thing to do is put getExtraScopeItems(actor) { return computer; } to one some (anyone) object in every room so the player is able to initiate conversation. Details are in This will create effect that you can talk to computer, although you can’t see it (you can’t examine it) because it is connected only by sound.

Thanks! I shall look into that.

Coming from Hugo, there sure is a lot more to learn about the library in T3. I sometimes wish I had a magic helmet that I could wear, with a cable I could hook to my computer and just transfer all the documentation (which is great…massive, but great) into my head.

It’s a feature-rich environment, no doubt about that. Aside from the documentation (which is extensive but challenging), you might want to look at some source code. A few years back, Eric Eve and I co-wrote a game called “Mrs. Pepper’s Nasty Secret.” You can download the source code from

This was a 3.0 game – I don’t think any 3.1 features are included. Even so, some of Eric’s smarter bits (I wrote more of the all-thumbs code) might be worth studying. I seem to recall that there was a bug in one version of the game, having to do with what happens when you look under the back porch. If you run into that, let me know and I’ll see about uploading more recent source files.