One broken image when game is played online

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Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: Harlowe

This is rather an odd question, and it’s possible that this isn’t the place to ask, but I felt like the chances of someone being able to help were better here than on So, I have a TWINE game I posted to, to be played in the browser online. All the files are in the zip folder, everything is named correctly, and it all works perfectly when played on my hard drive. (Well, I say it “works perfectly”, but I just mean the images. There are undoubtedly still other bugs I wasn’t able to find and squash.) But when I try playing it online, one of the images won’t display. All the other images display, just not the one on the right side of the screen on something like 90% of the passages. The image is present in the zip file all right, it just won’t display when playing online.

Does anyone have any ideas what might have caused this, or how to fix it? I’ve left a note on the game’s page mentioning the problem and suggesting that people download to avoid it, but I’d rather fix it than just leave a note.

The game is here:

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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It’s a case-sensitivity issue. I’m guessing the operating system on your computer (probably Windows) and the operating system running the website (probably Linux) handle casing differently. On windows “Achilles.jpg” and “achilles.jpg” are the same, but on Linux they refer to different files.

All you need to do is capitalize it to “Achilles.jpg” on the image tag. I changed the source code in my browser on a hunch since I noticed the other image filename was capitalized and it worked.


I’ve also had it happen that after hundreds of sequences of - compile game, zip and compress to a game archive folder, upload and test - it’ll happen occasionally that a file doesn’t compress correctly and glitches out for just that build. I’ve had sounds just decide to not write - the file is actually there but it’s 0 KB…

This is compounded that I work off of DropBox, so I have to make sure all the files are actually written post-compile before I start zipping everything back up for test release…

Just to confirm @brwarner above, all you need to do is capitalize the image name (or lowercase its reference in the Twine code). The image is here and loads fine when called with Achilles.jpg.

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OMG, thank you so much, everyone! I’ve uploaded the fixed version now. :smiley: (Though I’m ashamed of making such a dumb mistake in the first place…but at least I’ll know to be more careful from here on out!)

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