On page refresh, go to game start. Harlowe

I need some help. I’m using howler.js, and I define my audio on the first passage, but when you refresh the page, I get an “audio not defined” error. Is there any way to make it so when a player refreshes the page, it goes to the “Start” passage? Thanks.

Harlowe 3.x was deliberately changed so that it automatically re-show the current Passage whenever the page is refreshed. It includes no configuration settings or macros which allow you to override this behaviour.

Because of this you wouldn’t be defining your audio tracks within whichever passage you have marked as the ‘start here’ one. As Howler requires you to use JavaScript to define your tracks I would suggest using your project’s Story Javascript area to do this activity.

Another possible option would be to replace your existing Howler based audio implement with ChapelR’s Harlowe Audio Library which has been deliberately designed to work with Harlowe, so it may better handle the situation you describe.

Here’s where you can find Chapel’s Harlowe Audio Library (HAL).

Just to clarify, HAL does account for this behavior and preserves various elements of the audio “state” independently from Harlowe. So it should fix this problem.