Omniverse - an offline IF game changer


I’ve written a videogame book. It’s a new and unique hybrid type of IF. A bit like your Monkey Island style point and clicks, a bit like your open-world adventures and a bit like the Journal 29 puzzle book. It’s all wrapped in a wonderfully gloomy dystopian narrative and is currently funding on kickstarter ((:point_right::point_right: OMNIVERSE KICKSTARTER )) where you can check out sample pages, puzzles and all that…


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Looks good! I’m getting MAZE (the book by Christopher Manson) vibes. Might I humbly suggest a copy of your book would make a suitable IFComp prize someone could choose? (This year, or in 2020 if it’s not in production by the end of 2019)

MAZE (Christopher Manson)

This was one of my favorite books back in the day:


I’m glad the entire content is now archived and analyzed online:


Thanks! I’ve never heard of MAZE before actually. I’ve been looking into it and there are some similarities.
Omniverse is more like Maze with audio description and a twist of Journal 29!
I’d be happy to donate a copy as soon as I find 80 more backers to complete the kickstarter funding period!! Here’s that link again!! ((:point_right::point_right: OMNIVERSE KICKSTARTER ))