"Ombre", par Andrew Plotkin

We are delighted to announce that Shade has been translated to French!

Play it online | Download the .z5 | Download the I6 source

It was a collaboration with MonsieurBouc, with testing by Natrium729. It took us about ten weeks to translate (about 1300 strings) and 5-6 weeks to fiddle with the code, like fixing typos and rewriting the parts with dynamic text. We even discovered a bug in the compiler in the process, which Zarf promptly fixed :slight_smile: (thanks!)

Hope some of you will be interested by this translation! You might learn new words, like “Vallée de la Mort” ou “jacinthe en pot” :slight_smile:
And thanks to Zarf for allowing us to do this!

My gratitude to you folks for doing all this work. (I’ll add it to my IF page later today.)