Old Zarf code

I’ve posted the Inform source code for Dreamhold, Spider and Web, So Far, and most of my other games to my IF page (eblong.com/zarf/if.html) and to the Archive. (Will be in games/source/inform eventually.)

Blog post about this: gameshelf.jmac.org/2014/06/old-zarf-code/

Thanks for this; I’m always interested to see how certain common implementations are tackled.

Thanks for sharing your source! I always wanted to get a look at Spider and Web from the inside (though oh man, I’ve been so spoiled by I7…)

Thanks a lot, Zarf ! This is neat, and may be very interesting to the few of us who program in I6 :slight_smile:

I feel the same way you did about posting source–I think that as time goes by I’d be more and more grateful for people wanting to know the inner workings of my games, or even being able to point out I should’ve done things like so.

Your source code should be as private as you want it to be, though, so I’m glad you decided to release it!

(Note: I feel a bit silly having disassembled Praser 5 and I still had a tough time with it. But it was fun.)

You’re welcome.

Although you’ll notice Praser 5 isn’t on the list. Feels like that one should stay between me, the squirrel in my pocket, and anybody who fights through the disassembly. :slight_smile:

Haha, why, yes, I did google variations on “praser 5 source” before disassembling, especially knowing you’d released other source. So it was worth a try. I suppose, with puzzle games, I can dish it out, but I can’t take it.

Though really, I thought (and still think) that’s more than fair you didn’t. It would spoil too much too quickly, and I would guess P5 didn’t have nearly as many programming pitfalls other games might have. I mean, as an I6 rookie, I think I see how you’d programmed things in P5 once you figured the puzzle, but the other games are beyond my abilities, especially if they actually have a person in them. And daemons and that sort of thing.