Old version of Inform ATTACK?

It really doesn’t take much skill to join the team - you don’t even need to be able to write code (which you can) if you can come up with ideas for places, things or beings.

Ah, true enough; I can absolutely do that. What I’m really interested in at present is getting a version of Inform ATTACK working for 6L02 and beyond, with examples for how to write those neat attack/dodge/parry flavour rules as we once could.

The version here should work in 6L38: github.com/i7/ATTACK

For whatever reason, my braille computer won’t load that site anymore, sadly. If I can get that to work, does it include documentation relevant to flavour rules and such?

Here are the direct links to the extensions:
raw.githubusercontent.com/i7/AT … 20Core.i7x
raw.githubusercontent.com/i7/AT … ATTACK.i7x

What was the last version you used? It doesn’t have flavour rules any more, instead they have become regular report rules. The Inform Attack extension will give you the examples you need in the Section - Report hitting and Book - Standard Combat Actions sections.

Links worked great, but I do foresee a problem:

Inform ATTACK says “Include version 5/131204 of Inform ATTACK Core by Victor Gijsbers.”

But the version of Inform ATTACK Core linked to has a different version number. Should I just change the version number of Core or change the one requested by ATTACK?

The way extension versions work is that the compiler checks that the version you have is the same or newer than what is requested. 140908 is after 131204 so it’s all good.

Oh! Did not know the compiler was smart enough to figure that out. Hahaha, thank you so much!!!

I have a problem with my WIP of translating ATTACK to spanish.

In Inform ATTACK Core, we have:

[code]Section - Vaguely going

The block vaguely going rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Rule for supplying a missing noun while an actor going (this is the block vaguely going and take no time rule):
take no time;
say “You’ll have to say which compass direction to go in.” (A).

And then, using the responses system I put in the history-source:

block vaguely going and take no time rule response (A) is "Debes decir en qué dirección ir."

The result: don´t compile, with the message:

that problem doesnt occur with other rules, only with the rules that is named similar to the I7 original rules:

block vaguely going and take no time rule can't go that way and take no time rule can't take what's already taken and take no time rule

Any idea?

The problem might be with the “and” in the rule name. Are there any other rules in ATTACK containing that word?

you mean is not legal?

I only cover the Core extension, not the main yet.

So, here’s a puzzling question. Inform ATTACK is GPL licenced. Now, that’s all well and good, but I’m having a hard time understanding what that means for games made using ATTACK. For instance: Let’s say I want to do the impossible and sell my game for a dollar or two online. Would the inclusion of ATTACK as a critical aspect of my source code cause that to be illegal?

What it would mean is that you would have to release the source code of the whole of your game. But nothing would stop you from selling it too (as with all GPL software.)

So, just to be clear, if I release my source code with the game, then it’s perfectly fine to sell the game.

Yep. Most open source licences allow you to sell software written under them. Just note that the licence will allow anyone who purchases the game to distribute the source code to anyone they like.

This is very different from most Inform extensions which are published under the CC BY licence, which only requires that attribution be given to the authors of the extensions. But Victor has his own reasons for deciding to publish ATTACK under the GPL instead.


I had a faint memory that Victor might have actually published ATTACK with an exception clause. I went looking for it, and found that this is correct (from the original manual of version 1):

This probably won’t help you in regards to wanting to sell a game using ATTACK. But we should update the extension on Github to mention these exceptions.

Okay, so now I’m confused again: I can release a game with ATTACK, but it has to be free.

You can release the game for free or release the source code. Or both.

Okay, so if I charge, I must also release the source code and allow it to be distributed freely thereafter. That’s cool.

Hi guys, I updated my source for the latest version of Inform and now I can’t get the latest version of Attack OR Kerkerkruip ATTACK by Victor Gijsbers to work at all. Inform seems to have problems with some of the phrasing. Can anyone help?

It’s getting so I’m thinking I might have to find another way of handling combat. Can anyone think of one?

My experience suggests similarly, that you will likely need a new way to handle combat. Sadly, I have none.