Old Jim's Convenience Store

A short and simple game reminiscent of early Zork-I-era IF games. I’ve posted a review of it on my blog.

This is extremely overdue, but I wanted to apologise to Anssi about some dismissive and shitty comments I made on our podcast about Old Jim’s Convenience Store being possibly Anssi’s “first game” – something that literally 15 seconds worth of fact-checking on IFDB would have clarified. Anssi has in fact been around interactive fiction for a very long time, and has written many many fun and interesting games! I feel awful about this and I’m very sorry if my arrogance hurt any feelings - particuarly yours, Anssi, if you’re reading this!


No worries :slight_smile: Thanks for including my game in the podcast, and I appreciate any kinds of initial reactions. This game was admittedly no groundbreaker - mainly my purpose was to experiment with a storyline where almost every puzzle has multiple solutions, and where inventory items are used in a way they are not primarily meant to be used (for example breaking a window with a ladder, etc.), and one and the same item can be used for solving multiple puzzles (e.g. the store sign, which can be used in three puzzles), but always in a new way. I really have no hard feelings about any reactions to the game - thanks for playing!