Old Infocom Ad I Found

I was leafing through my old Dragon magazines, hoping for inspiration as I’ve had horrible writer’s block as of late.

In doing so, I found an old pull-out advertisement from Infocom. What’s interesting is how they are touting their graphics, a far cry from their previous ads that contend that the best graphics are your imagination.

I’m hoping to scan these in, but for now, for your perusal, here’s some snapshots of the pull-out ad.

I put them on my Google+ account for public consumption.


Wow, look at them advertise “Mines of Titan”. Right next to Zork Zero and Shogun.

I’m looking forward to transcribing and analysing them as soon as your scans are up!

What is the address given on the ad? California or Cambridge MA?

Cambridge, MA 02140

There’s a magazine for dragons? Cool!

Dragon Fancier


I got impatient and found a PDF of the issue at annarchive.com/files/Drmg143.pdf

Aww, c’mon! It’s not there!