OH I remember what it was!

I almost forgot but here it is! My question!

How do you pronounce the “rot” in “rot13”? Do you say “wrote thirteen” or “wrought thirteen”? Maybe “wrought” is a bad choice; it’s probably distinct from “rot” in some dialects. But do you get what I mean?

V cebabhapr vg “ebg guvegrra”.

I say “rot,” which isn’t quite “wrought,” I don’t think. Etymologically it should be “wrote,” but I JUST DON’T CARE.

I say ‘wrot’, which is almost exactly like ‘rot’ but it has echoes of the silent ‘w’.

Etymologically it comes from “rotate”, right? So just say it however you say the first syllable of that. In Aussie English that’s the same as “wrote”.

In American English too (though of course those are somewhat different sounds in Aussie and American); but I say it the other way anyway.

I pronounce it “perl -pe ‘tr/a-zA-Z/n-za-mN-ZA-M/’”.

Just kidding. I say “rot” as in “decay.”