Offtopic. Need a little help / Necesito poco de ayuda

Hola a todos,

This has nothing to do with IF, please bear with me.

I will be flying to Spain for a short holiday. I bring some analogue (Polaroid) film with me. This film will be severely damaged by X-ray machines at the airport.

I speak Spanish at the A2 level as defined by the European Commission, so I should be able to engang in a simple conversation (never tried, first time I travel after all my classes).

I want to ask the customs officer in Spanish to do a hand check of my films and not put them through X-ray. I can translate it myself but I would like to hear from a native speaker how they would ask it.

So, can you give a translation for:

“Sir/madam, this is analogue film and it will be damaged by X-ray. Would you be so kind to perform a manual check on it?”.

My translation: “Señor/señora, estas son peliculas analógicas que estarán dañados por los rayos X. ¿Por favor, usted puede comprobarlas a mano?

Thank you for your help.


Hello, I would say something like this.

“Señor/ señora, tengo películas para mi cámara de fotos analógica que se estropearían si las paso por los rayos X. Por favor, ¿podría inspeccionarlas manualmente sin pasarlas por la máquina?”.

Good luck and have a good time in Spain!


Another suggestion: in case your film gets handed around, I’d put it in a separate bag or case with a very visible label:


Please DO NOT X-Ray

Please hand-inspect and do not expose to bright light

…in both English and Spanish.

I would suspect that customs is used to having photographers and reporters come through with similar requests, so a label might be able to do the talking for you during busy airline procedures. They make professional labels for this:


Do not X-ray, do not MRI, do not run through a giant circular saw? Those seem like pretty reasonable warning images.


I believe that’s supposed to be the sunlight you should not expose the film to.

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Thank you. This is really helpful.

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Yes, I will print this and include it in the ziplock bag. Polaroid also has a warning on the film box but it’s tiny and only in English. Thanks.


“La exploración de rayos X prohibido”. Good title for a band.