Off-topic video games thread

Another month and another list of new releases. Some interesting stuff in there:

I’m personally curious about Final Fantasy XVI and Etrian Odyssey. In particular, how is EO with a Pro Controller? I have ergo issues with handhelds, which is why I never finished one on 3DS. Diablo might be good (Callie and I played a ton of couch co-op D3), but I feel kind of meh about Activision these days.

I’m still playing Zelda, risking a completionist’s burnout rather than heading into Gerudo for that last saint. For some reason, I’ve gotten distracted upgrading the Zora Armor. I can’t remember why I started, but I’m still at it!

Please share your gaming updates! IF updates are fine, too, as long as they aren’t part of a current jam/comp/festival/hootenanny. It’s better to promote those games rather than hide them here.

I may add a poll (and welcome suggestions!)

E: really surprised to see Layers of Fear getting another round of ports

E2: oh, it’s a reimagining. Still surprised

Poll: Final Fantasy XVI?

Final Fantasy XVI?
  • I’m X years old and I’ve never played a Final Fantasy Game
  • I’m that person at [redacted web forum] that is a top five poster in every Final Fantasy thread
  • I lost interest in the franchise after [please explain]
  • I’ve never cared about Final Fantasy
  • I hate the new direction
  • Yes
  • Other (please explain)
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I Love Katamari!


Interested to see the reviews for FF16 when it comes out. Especially since it was delayed by Covid and the war in Ukraine.

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Yeah, the enhanced Katamari remaster looks really good.

It still took less time than XV! I’m interested in the gameplay. If I’m honest, the last Final Fantasy combat that I really enjoyed was X-2. I don’t like hybrid turn-based/real-time systems. I concede that VIIR had a good design, but I’d rather be playing something else. Bring on the action, I say. Or ATB with pause, of course, but that ship has sailed as far as mainline FF goes.

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“When choosing the game’s combat system, Yoshida conducted surveys within the Final Fantasy community, finding a division between fans of action-based and more traditional turn-based combat. After considering the potential impact on sales and modern gaming trends, he opted for a real-time action-based battle system. Yoshida admitted that this approach alongside other gameplay decisions risked polarizing series fans, but believed that trying to please every fan by incorporating every element possible would “run the risk of creating a half-baked compromise of a game”. During the game’s early production, the growing team had a system of designing gameplay tests and completely scrapping those that did not work, with Square Enix’s upper management getting frustrated with the team’s slow pace. The team decided against an open world, as it would have extended development time beyond a practical limit. Clive was made the only controllable character, with other party members driven by AI to simplify the player’s control needs, though commands were included to allow for limited control.”


Yeah, this sums up my experiences with FF since X-2. Half in, half out. Just glad to have a design commitment.

(of course, I’ve kept buying them anyway)

E: This isn’t directed at FF XIV, which I’ve never played. It seems to have a clear idea about what it is, though.

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I pre-ordered Etrian Odyssey Origins to get the fun SMT and Persona character models! This is literally the third time I’ve bought the first game (have both the original DS game and the 3DS Untold version) but I really loved the games on my 3DS - doing all the mapping is so relaxing.

It might be a while till I get to it though (the backlog is real).


It’s been out a couple of months on iOS (longer on other platforms) but I just noticed and played it: Amanita’s Happy Game. It bills itself as a psychedelic horror game and lives up to that with extreme vigor. It’s more like a toy than a game-- you have to try things out to make things happen. Not a lot of logic, just experimentation. And, like all Amanita’s games, the graphics are out of this world. Really, really stellar. My husband, who will not usually play any games, played it with me, I think because he liked the “fuss around with it and see what happens” game design.

I recommend it highly, but be warned. It is one messed-up game with a lot of very disturbing imagery and violence.


I love the look. It seems to be $7.22 on Steam at the moment, which is a big markdown from list. I don’t think I can say no at that price.

Aw, man. I wish I’d paid closer attention. I love Megaten/Persona!


It’s $5.99 on iOS, and I loved playing on my iPad, if you ever do that.


I had an iPad once. Great tech, but I have ergo trouble with longer sessions.

The Switch version would actually be best for me, though it’s not discounted, of course.


Not sure if this is really an “off topic” game, but I just finished my first playthrough of Failbetter’s Mask of the Rose. There were a few familiar names in the credits! Y’all did great work, and if I hadn’t already stayed up way too late finishing my first run, I would have immediately jumped right back in to try again.

On my first attempt, I managed to prevent the trial from proceeding with a conviction of my friend, though I made no real progress toward finding the killer or their motives, and as a result none of my matchmaking felt like it had much of a future. My own romantic pursuits were too mild to culminate in anything more than ambiguously platonic invitation to a life of crime.


I’m glad you mentioned it! I’ll link it.

I’m not too fussed about genres. My only hard and fast rule/request is that we don’t talk about current comp/jam games. Not because I don’t care about them! I think those games deserve more attention, in review threads and so forth. I don’t want them to get lost here.

I’m still banging away at Tears of the Kingdom! I have the master sword, a maxed out stamina, and three of the four sages. I still have the Gerudo storyline to complete. Between RE4 and TotK, this has been an amazing year for games for me. And it isn’t over!


I beat Tears of the Kingdom! Probably my favorite final boss in the series. The final part especially was an incredible setpiece. (Mild spoilers) And the way the fight played with the UI was fun.

Also, regarding June releases: the Ghost Trick re-release is coming out in the 30th. It’s a great puzzle game with fun story and characters, by the same creator as Ace Attorney. I highly recommend it.


Anyone else following the Summer Games Fest news about upcoming games?

So far I’m at least vaguely interested in:

  • inkle’s new game
  • Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica
  • The Monkey Island expansion story for Sea of Thieves (I’m going to have to start playing Sea of Thieves now ha!)
  • Possibly some other stuff I’ve forgotten

Surprised to see XBox going for Persona. Sounds like at least P3 will launch on Gamepass?

Some trailers:


I’ve decided to look register at Map Genie and maybe find every shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. Who knows if I’ll run out of steam or not?

Have you ever taken a completionist approach to a game? Here’s some notably obsessive experiences I’ve had with games:

Resident Evil (2002 remake): Platinum trophy
Resident Evil 2 remake
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne: Platinum
Fire Emblem Three Houses over 200 hours (!)
Prey: Platinum


My favorite two platinum trophies are Prey and Demon’s Souls. Enjoyed every minute.

I have put a ridiculous amount of time invested in FROM and Atlus games


I’ve always preferred more unconventional completionist approaches:

Basically, anything that would make the dev team stand up and say, “Hey, you aren’t supposed to do that!”


Ah, those are cool, but I think there’s a rich tradition of challenge runs that is its own thing.

Did you do any of these?

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Oh, no. I wouldn’t dox myself like that. That’s a YouTuber named Many a True Nerd. I have often attempted playthroughs like these. I once tried beating FF8 with a sub level 10 cast of characters. I didn’t quite manage it, but they were all level 13 or less. (FF8 Low Level Run)

Also, challenge run is probably a better term for it. I’m probably conflating the two. I’ve never cared too much about proper terminology with this stuff as I rarely discuss it with anyone, so having the right words wasn’t pressing.