Off the top of my head

Multiple doors categorized by color, number, letter, or a combination.
Pickup unobtainable even with path present, unless barrier is closely examined.
Path or paths not present until map is read.
Item traded with NPC for next clue and points unless kept in inventory for multiple clues and points (path on map highlighted).
Path forks off in three for live or die situation.
Must go back to checkpoint to buy tools to help you on your way or object for NPC who refuses to help you.
Boss and before boss confrontations.

Inspired by Labyrinth: The Game.

Is this doable by someone or will you tell me to make it myself?

Are you asking if these things have already been done? The items on your list are pretty vague, but most of them seem familiar, some to the point of being considered trite. Categorized doors are done in many old-school or old-school-style text games (most tastefully in Savoir-Faire, in my opinion). Requiring players to carefully examine barriers, and to go back to checkpoints to buy things or bribe NPCs are staples of some genres of adventure games (and some platformers!).

Or are you asking if they are implementable? If that’s the question, sure, none of those things would be particularly tricky to do in either Inform or TADS, some of them might even be possible in Undum or ChoiceScript. If you have questions on implementation details after reading the documentation for the language of your choice, you should ask them in the language-specific forums here.

Or are you asking someone else to do them for you? In that case, you should probably present a solid argument as to why anybody should.

I forgot ride-able vehicles.

After the movie Labyrinth came out, I played the game and I wanted to make something like that ever since.
Yes I know those things exist already (The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) but where do you think I got the idea?

This would not be a Donkey Kong type game, but more like Dragon’s Lair meets Space Invaders, with a little Tekken thrown in.

Avoid death by hiding in obstacles, fight and pick up objects to make you stronger, faster, or all around more powerful, mix and match power clothes for immediate help or wear them individually for step by step help.

God mode for experts.

Yes, I know it sounds lame, but it’s my first idea in IF.
They are always shot down, like when I was on a Super Mario board which come to think of it would work well as part of an IF.

As to why someone should make this for me, all I can say is I want to contribute something, and since I have no programming experience (nor intention on uploading anything) I would love to give you ideas and maybe build a story around the narrative someone supplies.

I’m a little confused. Are you looking for a programmer/writer to make this game for you, or are you testing the waters to see what it would take to make it yourself, or looking to collaborate with someone more experienced?

The forums are really good for easing into game development, especially since you seem to have a concrete idea. Answers to questions are extremely prompt, and folks will often help with example code and explanation. There’s also been several recent-ish calls for collaborations.

If that doesn’t appeal to you at all, then you’ll need to convince someone that your idea is more compelling than theirs (or pay them). If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d suggest writing out a pitch. I’ve never played Labyrinth - what is it? What was compelling? Why do you think it would be good IF? What’s your vision for the game? (What does “Path forks off in three for live or die situation.” mean?)

I just finished writing this a few minutes ago, got a snack, and you already answered me!
That was fast.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about this babysitter and wannabe actress, who’s parents are always neglecting her and talking down to her as if the 18 year old was a child.
They leave for the night as a quite getaway from their crying 6 month old (animatronic in some scenes).

Meanwhile the goblins of the girl’s play has come to life (after a bump on the head) and has kidnapped her little brother.
The king goblin (David Boey) lives in a castle in the center of the labyrinth (original plot of Alice’s Adventures Underground).

She has to get to the castle before the clock strikes 13 (Boey’s clock adds an extra hour).
Along the way she meets some weird and wonderful characters (by Sid and Marty Kroft and Henson Productions).

Castle interior replicates paintings of Escher and Dali.

I’m asking for collaboration on the game.
I’ll supply ideas for a story, another supplies the narrative, another supplies the programming.
With all that I’m sure I could build a story around it.

When I say forks off, I mean instead of one path that splits into three, there are three separate paths, like the prongs of a pitchfork/trident.

I’ve seen the movie, although the synopsis was a good memory jog. I think I misunderstood your original post, as it sounded like you were inspired by a game rather than the movie.

So, what makes you think IF, rather than, say, platformer?

If you’ve played the game as well, it’s more like IF with a few pictures here and there.
This is what I find more interesting than other games.
Around the same time (a few months apart) a new game came out with animated pics (The Rocky Horror Picture Show).
I liked it more because of the animation (80s graphics in the 90s), but it didn’t have the replayability as Labyrinth had.
Ghost Busters (old version) was a little better, but it got monotonous fast.

Get call, hear story, siren goes off, look at map, drive to location, find ghost, trap ghost, etc., similar to “Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego?”.

All in all, IF is much better.

I’m going to go ahead and say this. Not because I want to dissuade you from making this game, I’d LOVE to see it, but just as a general warning…

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a cult classic. Just like Rocky Horror. If you’re going to make it, you need to keep it true to the original without remaking the original. It’s a high profile movie. People who play it and who are familiar with the original will crucify you.

Well, maybe not all of them. But I’m sure you’d catch some flak.

Which reminds me… I’d LOVE to see a remake of Legend.

Since the whole point of Labyrinth was David Bowie (and, to some extent, the Muppets–generally, the visuals and atmosphere), I doubt it’s possible to capture that in a game. This coming from someone who’s currently working on a game based on a painter, so take that with a grain of salt.

Anyway it would have to be an ersatz-Labyrinth game, not an actual-Labyrinth game, because of copyright issues.

All that said, you could probably convince me to collaborate with you, unless you want to angle for someone more experienced.

Dance the magic dance, dance the magic dance…

Labyrinth is already made.
It was originally an Apple II demo illustrating what a laboratory mouse has to go through.
The game was called MAZE (a TRON Lightcycle like game in 3D).
Old style keystrokes really helped the game in slow mode, but was a pain in fast mode (literally, your wrist would get cramps and fingers sore).

Interesting fact, this is where the name of the mouse came from, not because the wire looks like a tail.
Ok, it is that to some degree, but it could just have easily been called a rat.

That would be great! :smiley:
I really hope you do because I just want to be able to say “I thought of that,” but because of one thing or another, I never get around to it.

I recently had an idea originally meant for the next Tomb Raider game, and that is hidden power clothes that don’t show up in your inventory until you pass the next level (changing room includes removable bra and panties for more realism), this makes room for all the other stuff you need and what’s there by default.

Hey maybe Sark would like to get in on this.
I really can’t do everything I promised real well, so I can pass the baton to him/her in some areas.

There was an (authorized) computer game based on the Labyrinth movie. See .

I played some of it. It even had a sort-of kind-of text-parser interface. But I never finished it, and I’m pretty sure that was because it wasn’t very well-designed.

Haven’t you been listening (I mean reading)?
I have that one and it’s features are what I’m basing our (possibly team) game on.

Sorry. I’m afraid your request wasn’t very clear.

Actually I’m the one who should be sorry for snapping at you.
Biting the hand that feeds me so to speak.

Snark is interested in doing a team project with a fantasy game.
I said I would join if I didn’t have to program, and you said you might too, maybe.
I’m trying to convince kat to do some art for us when she’s free.
Some others have signed up too.
I hope you join us.
We’ve got a programmer and a writer on the staff.
Snark and I can be brainstormers (Snark can double as something else).
What’s your talent?
We need some NPC interaction and narration as well as navigation and instructions.

Oh wait, that was katz.
I think you said you would do it in Snark’s thread.

It was ezfreeman (he’s got a game that’s almost complete), but yes, I’d be happy to do some art when you’ve got the game more completed.

EDIT: I meant ezfreeman’s thread is where I offered to do artwork.

Actually it was Sark, in 2 threads.
I also PMed him, but I didn’t get a reply.
I was in ezfreeman’s thread too complimenting your work.

I thought we had more on the team.
So far we have:
Sark - ?
mike111 - puzzles
IF noob - Co-brainstormer
katz - artwork
I don’t know if we’ll put any music in it.
Is anyone interested?

Sark is a woman.

So… Yes, going back and re-reading this entire thread again, I was (and still am, honestly) confused.

So you want to toss out an idea (ie “It’s 3024 and apples have taken over the world… Go with it!”), have someone write it for you, have someone else do artwork and someone else do the programming. It’s a idea based on a game that was based on a movie but has no foundation in either of those because a modern fighting game and an old arcade/Atari game are somehow thrown into the mix, but this somehow ties the logic together. And it began with a list of random game mechanics.

I’m still confused.

No, this would not be “Labyrinth” realized as a video game. First of all, it has nothing even remotely resembling anything from the movie and secondly if it’s the game I’m thinking of, it was released a few years before the movie. If not the game I’m thinking of, it still doesn’t have anything to do with the movie.

There are apparently people who know where all of this is going. I’m not one of them. I am, however, looking forward to the realization of whatever this concept of a game or games comes to be.

Best of luck!