Odd problem with Conversation Framework/Suggestions (or me)

I think this is a problem with the extension, but maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong. Here’s the code:[code]Include Conversation Framework by Eric Eve.
Include Conversation Suggestions by Eric Eve.

Example Room is a room. A lighthouse, a gold ring are in Example Room.

Fred is scenery and a man in Example Room.
The ask-suggestions are { the lighthouse, a gold ring }.

After saying hello to Fred, say “‘Hi, there, Fred old fellow!’ you exclaim.
‘Well, hello there!’ he grins.”[/code]Which gives this behaviour:

The extension seems to be trying to use “t” as a shortcut for “talk”, but it’s not working properly. If we bother to type the full word, we get the correct behaviour:

Any ideas on how to fix this? Also, can I change ‘What do you want to talk to?’ to ‘Who do you want to talk to?’

Edit: I think ‘t’ is actually trying to ‘tell’ rather than talk.

Related question - does anyone know how to change the default ‘There is no reply.’ response for a particular character?

Dear Little Boy or Little Girl:

You can download Default Messages by David Fisher and then type:

set LibMsg <block answering> to "whatever you want";


Not quite. “T” is a shortcut for “TELL ABOUT”. So, once a conversation with Fred was in progress you could use T RING for TELL FRED ABOUT RING.

Strictly speaking, “TELL ABOUT”

That’s what the Conversational Defaults extension is for.

I see, thanks for clearing that up. Awesome extensions, by the way.