Npc's routes?

Hi. I would like to make an NPC to roam between three rooms, but the NPC has to change of location after some time(like half a minute), ignoring the turns of the player. How can I do that?

Do you mean half a minute of real time? To get things to happen in real time you’ll have to install a real-time extension. (And this is fraught with design issues.)

It might be out of fashion, but I enjoy using Patrollers by Michael Callaghan. It is not a real-time extension, however.

Since most IF in inform is not so much realtime as turn-based, most times people use things like this example: … Rex15.html

Ok. I’ll see if I can use the Patrollers extension, thank.

Be prepared for some minor tweaking to get it to work just as you’d like it to. For example, you can change the descriptions of arriving and departing NPCs. You can also set individual reporting and collecting reporting; that is, “Gilligan, the Skipper, and the Professor arrive from the north.” or “Gilligan arrives from the north. The Skipper arrives from the north.” etc.

I like it because you can totally set NPCs to have destinations, or just wander aimlessly, they can be triggered to activate and deactivate on different conditions. Plus more.

Nevertheless, I found it pretty easy and intuitive to use. I’m far from a hacker of any kind.

If you have issues, let us know!

Just recently I tried it out. But I did have some issues. When I copy the extension example. “The dog is a Patroller in the Dog Kennel.” The program gave me this “The sentence ‘The dog is a Patroller in the Dog Kennel’ appears to say two things are the same - I am reading ‘dog’ and ‘Patroller in the Dog Kennel’ as two different things, and therefore it makes no sense to say that one is the other: it would be like saying that ‘Ron is Hermione’”

I’m not very good with this. So it would be really helpful if I had some examples: Like having RoomA and RoomB and the Dog has to change from those two rooms.

I think the problem is that, in your example, there’s a room called DOG Kennel and a “person” (animal) called simply “the dog”. Because the animal has no other descriptor, Inform is having a problem differentiating. If you name the dog something like “vicious dog”, it should compile.

Thanks, now it works! The only problem is that I made the dog a TwowaysRepeated but I want him to move every three turns, not one. And the last thing it’s not a problem, but it’s annoying to me. The extension always tells me where the dog came from and I don’t want the program to tell me that.

Try this…

the move patrollers rule response (A) is "[The Bod] [come] up from below.". the move patrollers rule response (B) is "[The Bod] [come] down from above.". the move patrollers rule response (C) is "[The Bod] [arrive] from the [opposite of way].". the move patrollers rule response (D) is "[The Bod] [go] [way].".

Done. :smiley:. I copied that code and erased all between the “”. Now when someone moves, the program won’t tell me. Thanks, MTW!

Cool beans, but just to ensure we’re on the same page, the code I gave you eliminates the room name. I don’t think the extension should tell who who’s moving unless you’re in the room with them coming or going. I hope it’s what you needed, but let us know if not! :sunglasses:

No, it’s okay. I just wanted the program to not tell the NPC’s movements at all.

Ohhh! I gotcha! Very good then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you solve this problem? Looking at the extension documentation it seems to me like you should be able to do this:

The Turn Frequency of the dog is 3.