"now the player is in..." always verbose? (I7)

I have a puzzle which requires the player to be standing on an object (an enterable supporter) in order to access another room. I’m making use of “now the player is in…” to do this, but when the player arrives in the new room in this manner, they are always shown the verbose room description, regardless of whether the room is already visited or not.

This is only a minor thing but I’d like it to behave as normal movement. Is there a setting I can change or some way I can code round this?


See 8.9 in the manual. It looks like what you want is:

move the player to the Antechamber, printing an abbreviated room description.

I would recommend to solve the problem by turning verbose room descriptions on because players are likely to do that anyway (and the next version of Inform has been in fact changed to do this by default.) But if you want to keep the brief room descriptions you can do this:

[code]This is the don’t describe body text when moved to a supporter rule:
if the holder of the player is not a supporter or the player was on the holder of the player, follow the room description body text rule.

The don’t describe body text when moved to a supporter rule is listed instead of the room description body text rule in the carry out looking rulebook.[/code]

Beat me by a minute - and yes, that looks like a cleaner solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. The “move the player…” solution does exactly what I need.

I should get back onto reading the documentation, though there’s so much to take in I can usually only retain about 3 chapters’ worth before I start forgetting things. :stuck_out_tongue: