Now seeking forum moderators

Greetings one and all!

Do you have a burning urge to make a positive difference in the community? Do you visit the forum frequently? Are you fair and thoughtful? Are you willing to collaborate with others to agree on what’s best in any given situation? If the answer is a series of confident YES’s, then maybe YOU should be a moderator! will be adopting a Code of Conduct similar to this one:

If you’d like to volunteer, you can reply here or simply PM me. Some discussion will happen prior to picking new moderators, but everybody who volunteers will be considered.

Looks good. I think I might like to moderate on a couple subforums.

The way it’s currently working is kind of global. There is a moderator forum to facilitate discussions, but it’s not really separated out into each subforum. Some of the moderators now actually catch problems in the making before they’re even reported, but if you’re not looking to moderate the board as a whole, you don’t necessarily have to look for reports in the others.

At present, Draconis and frotz have been added as moderators, and DavidK has asked to be reverted to normal user status. One more moderator is pending. Here’s the list:

Merk - stepping down once a new admin is found.
bcressey - away a few days and may not know what’s happening.
George - existing moderator, but also away for a few days now.
Dannii - existing moderator.
Emerald - existing moderator.
Draconis - new moderator.
frotz - new moderator.