Not yet Perished: an IF about the war in Ukraine

Hi all,

I’d like to announce the release of my latest game: Not yet Perished, an IF/incremental game about the war in Ukraine, available here: Not yet Perished

I made it alongside programmer Jason Ebblewhite, from concept to final product in just 2 weeks, with us streaming ourselves for 20 hours a day doing it (and raising €2888 for Road to Relief in the process).

Despite those less than ideal game making circumstances, I’m actually really proud of this one. I think it’s one of my best works. If you’ve enjoyed any of my previous pieces (especially A Chinese Room), then I’d say this one is definitely worth checking out.

(Also, on a practical note, I’ve not released much outside of a comp before: is it bad manners to post your own game to IFDB?)



I create a page for mines almost immediately after release, so no worries :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, please make a page for it.


Hope this is okay!


Looks good! You may or may not want to create a news item with the charity info and link (links can be configured in the UI for news items, but not games).

Maybe after it’s been up a couple of weeks? Just a thought. Either way, congratulations on completing your game.


Congrats! Great cause, and from what I can see an interesting approach to the themes.

Two hopefully not-annoying questions:

  1. Is there a way to download the game file so it runs in its own browser tab? My only options appear to be running it in a tiny postage-stamp window within the page, or expanding it to full-screen mode which means I can’t access the rest of my tabs.

  2. I played through a bit of the initial incremental game, then got an option to Wake Up – but then when I selected it I wound up getting sent to a blank screen with just the save/load options visible. Should something else happen there? From the screenshots it seems like there’s a lot more to the game.

EDIT: I replayed the opening section and now I can progress, dunno what was going on that first time!


It’s the Embeded option on the creator side @MiloM
You might want to change it to Click to launch in Fullscreen (it will open fully but not cover the whole screen on a computer)


Thanks Manon! That seems to be working now? And is a much better way of running it, thanks!

Wonderful, a bug I can’t manage to recreate! I’m glad you got through it, but we’ll look into it. I know we were having some problems with the save/load functionality yesterday, so it’s probably something there.


Oops, one more bug, similar thing but much later:

After what I think is a late-game vignette, where Ivanna met a French aid worker and had the choice to give him her USB drive, the minigame morale meter finally ticked down to 0, at which point the interface went back to the “fantasy” one with trophies and Tielze and what-not. But after a little bit of that running, the screen went dark again with only the save and load game buttons popping up. If I highlight the dark area above the buttons, I see this:

You are at war with The Barony of St Byzantinov.
Each day they push further into your territory and claim your trophies.
Fight for Tielze! Push them back!
The campaign went better than expected.
You lost 14,082 men.
You took back 9,456 Trophies.
The campaign was relatively successful.
You lost 21,015 men.
You took back 8,531 Trophies.

So something seems like it might have gone wrong in that last line. Unfortunately I don’t think the save works to reset things. I was enjoying the game to this point though!


Sorry for the delay Mike (sorry just got off writing a few admin emails so that’s the tone I’m going with apparently), we’re having trouble reproducing bugs on our end but we think we might have found a fix, which we’ll roll out as soon as we can (real life has hit pretty hard after 2 weeks of weird isolation). Thanks very much for the feedback though! And yes, you were pretty near the end.

If we can’t get the bugs ironed out I’m considering releasing an ‘IF only’ mode, but I’m considering that an extreme solution for now.