Not recognizing SugarCube / Unable to Set with Link?

A few years ago, I worked on a Twine game offline. I used SugarCube rather than Harlowe because I wanted clicking a link to also be able to set a variable in the same action, and Harlow appears unable to do that.

For example, this used to work:

[[Listen to the voice.|FirstEncounter3][$Listen to true]]
[[Ignore the voice.|FirstEncounter3][$Listen to false; $Annoyance += 1]]

I recently re-imported my old executable into the browser version of Twine. It no longer recognizes my code, so I started playing around with Harlowe; fran into the same problem as before with variable setting.

But any time I use SugarCube code, even copy-pasted from their documentation’s examples, Twine just keeps telling me Harlowe is different. For example, even pasting

<<set $apples = 6>>

gives me an error.

To be honest, I would be happy to just stick to Harlowe if I could find a way to set variables with a link, like I used to be able to. Can anyone advise?

You’re looking for (link-reveal-goto:).

Also, if you want to switch a story from Harlowe to SugarCube, in the new Twine interface you open the story, pick the Story tab at the top, then Details, which will open up a box in the bottom right: that should have a dropdown menu that lets you select the story format.

To change the format that new stories will be created in, you choose the Twine tab, then Story Formats, then you can click a story format and the bar at the top will change so that you can click Use as Default Format.

I can’t tell you how much this immediately solved my problems, thank you!

This is extremely useful, I’m going to stick with Harlowe for now for my sanity but I may convert later, thank you!