Not Printing A Room Description When Player Is Moved There (I7)

I have a bit I’m working on where the player is moved to a location but the location is printing twice and I don’t quite know how to fix it.

instead of pushing the flimsy door:
now player is in Hidden Space.

But when this fires, I get the description of the Hidden Space twice in a row. I tried “Silently move player to Hidden Space” but it didn’t work.

Thanks for any help!

edited to add:

Ok, I’ve found that it’s actually when the player makes a directional move into the room he’s being moved to anyway.

instead of going south in Vomitorium:
move player to Street.

But the Street is actually south of Vomitorium so it’s printing the description twice.

Thanks again!

You can do:

instead of pushing the flimsy door:
move player to Hidden Space, without printing a room description.

This is basically a bespoke phrase for exactly this case. (I think “silently” only works for some kinds of actions, “silently try opening the flimsy door” or something like that.) Basically, the I6 code for moving things calls a special routine when the player is the thing being moved, and it performs a looking action (or an I6-level looking action) unless it’s called with the “without printing a room description” flag.

I’m not quite sure why

instead of going south in Vomitorium:
move player to Street.

would print two descriptions though. It seems like the “instead” should preempt the move to Street, and then the “move player to Street” would move the player to the Street and print a room description. If I try it with a Carry Out rule it does print twice, though.


Thanks for the reply! I think I got it.

The double printing was actually from a bit of code I had in there, so that was my error.

Thanks, though, it helped!