Not finding door?

"hospital escape" by yelfog

start room is a room. The description is "The paint peels off of the white and navy blue striped walls. There is a faint smell that belongs only to a hospital. To the east there is a unsturdy looking grey bookshelf made of cheap plywood. on the south wall is a bed lying vertically to a door on the north wall. Next to a bed is a bedside table with a drawer and a lamp, as well as an unconnected iv."

Rule for printing the name of the drawer: 
	say "a drawer";
	omit contents in listing.
drawer is a openable closed container.
drawer is in start room.

there is a object called small key.
small key is in drawer.

Rule for printing the name of the shelf: 
	say "a shelf";
	omit contents in listing.
shelf is a container.
shelf is in start room.

hallway is a room. the description is "haha."

hallway door is an door. The hallway door is north of the starting room and south of the hallway.
hallway door is lockable and locked. small key unlocks hallway door.
The matching key of the hallway door is the small key.

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The second time you mention it, you said “starting room” instead of “start room”. Inform 7 is entirely ok with this and creates another room called “starting room” that isn’t connected.


Zed’s found the issue, but just wanted to point out that you can use the Index tab in the IDE to figure stuff like this out - there’s a map option that will show you all your rooms and their connections, so you can see at a glance whether something’s gone wrong.

Hope that’s helpful and welcome to the forum!


thank you so much! I swear I checked through it countless times, but I guess I just missed it entirely!

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thank you! I’m new so tips like this help a lot!