North = Stand Up?

So my player starts in a room which called Bed. North is his bedroom.
It is this way for design reasons. I DON’T want the player to start on top of the bed (an object).

My main problem is that to “get off the bed” the player has to type “north” but I DON’T want my player to know that Bed is actually a room. So the question is: How do I get my player to “go north” but type “stand up”.

NOTE: He will later need to be able to type “go north” to explore “real” rooms.

Question - why are you doing it this way? If you want a giant room-sized bed, why not tell the player?

[code]Bed is a room. Bedroom is north of Bed.

Instead of exiting when the location is Bed:
say “You get out of bed.”;
now player is in Bedroom.

Instead of going north from Bed, say “Just STAND UP already.”

Instead of going south from Bedroom, say “You don’t feel like going back to bed yet.”[/code]

But you’re fighting the parser here, just so you know. It’s best to go along with it rather than re-invent behaviour.

Thanks so much. This worked like a dream. This problem arose simply for a strange bed related issue…
But this solves everything! Thanks again.

If it helps, whatever that object related issue was, we’d be happy to help you sort it out. This bit of hackery here is probably simple enough that it won’t cause problems (though you may want to consider… do you have pillows/bedsheets on that bed? They have to be in scope from the bed AND the bedroom. That’s the sort of nasty surprises you get when you do stuff this way), but generally speaking it’s best to avoid it, especially if you end up needing lots of mini-hacks.

Nah. Seems like this will work. Thanks anyway.

By the by, think you can help with this question?