Noob help - Described devices??

The “The examine described devices rule is not listed in any rulebook.” -as I understand it, it is supposed to stop the game from displaying “the switch is currently switched off” or in my case I have made a bed a device that unlocks a container when the bed is made. Which obviously ruins the puzzle lol.

[b]>x bed
A red race car bed, size fit for a young schoolboy, is to one side of the room, blankets un-made and a mess.

The bed is currently switched off.

make bed
You straighten out the sheets and tuck in the blankets. “Click!” The light on the box turns green.

You switch the bed on.[/b]

When I add “The examine described devices rule is not listed in any rulebook.” to my source code I get an error message saying…

Problem. In ‘The examine described devices rule is not listed in any rulebook’ , you gave ‘The examine described devices rule’ where a rule was required.
See the manual: 19.4 > 19.4. Listing rules explicitly

I have read the documentations and googled a bunch but cant figure it out. I am probably missing something small. Thanks!! I can post my source code if that helps, this is in the first room so there is not much code.

It’s just called the “examine devices rule”–drop the word “described” from that line and it should work.

(There are a few ways to get the name. One is to run your program, type “rules,” and then examine the bed–it will list all rules that fire, in order, and that will tell you the name of the rule that is printing the text. Another is to go to the Index, look at the Actions tab, and select “examining.” This gives you, among other things, a list of rules that apply to examining. Conveniently, there’s even an “unlist” button next to each rule–if you hit the “unlist” button next to the “examine devices rule” it will automatically paste a line of code into your program that unlists the rule!)

WOW! Thanks matt w! You just taught me more than google could all day haha. Seems I also needed a “standard report switching on rule is not listed in the report switching on rulebook” as well. That “rules” list in program helped and so did the index.

Also this guy Zoroarrkk mentions how you are a fast and helpful responder in a youtube tutorial he has about variables. He was right!

Thanks again!