Non-interactive command-line Glulx interpreter for Mac

I’ve pretty much given up on having the skein or other testing schemes work reliably within the IDE. I’ve already written a script for extracting commands from a Parchment transcript and turning them into a test command - but I’d also like to write a script to run that test and compare its output with a saved transcript. For that I would need an interpreter that can receive piped commands, and doesn’t wait for keystrokes ever. Is there anything like that? For Mac?

Yes. The Glulxe README will tell you how to build it with CheapGlk.

Finally got around to trying this. Very easy build and it works fine!

The only issue I have is that when I pipe commands to glulxe, it doesn’t echo them at the prompt. There isn’t an option to have it do that, is there? Or some *nix trick to copy both STDIN and STDOUT to the same place?

No, there’s no cheapglk option to echo inputs. I guess I could add one, if you want.

Only if there’s no way to do it in the BASH shell. Surely there is…?

I’d hate to complicate the wonderfully simple interface… :stuck_out_tongue: