No new Inform release for awhile ...

Just getting back to Inform and the community and I’ve noticed there hasn’t been a new Inform release for close to 2 years. Just wondering where Inform development stands currently if anyone has knowledge.


I’m curious about that too. Once in a while someone asks me if I’m planning to update my Handbook, and my stock response has been, “I think I’ll wait until the next release.” By now I’m so uninvolved with IF that I can’t promise I’ll do the update at all, and in any event most of the Handbook will probably remain valid for novice users, which was its main goal. But even so, I do try to keep an eye on the situation, and it has become a bit mystifying.

I’ve noticed a fair number of bugs being mentioned, and fixes would be nice.

My optimistic guess is that Graham and his compadres are beavering away on a major overhaul. That would (presumably) be a great development, though it runs the risk of breaking a bunch of the existing extensions, a problem that has cropped up in the past.

No guesses required; it’s been stated that the next release will overhaul some fairly large things.

Nice things are developing for Inform6. I’ve taken over maintenence of the Inform6 library and have been gradually adding in the changes from a CVS repository that stalled in 2006 as well as newer fixes. One of the more interesting additions to what will be the 6/12 library is the option to describe things in the first or third person.

I was wondering the same as Jim just a couple days ago. I had pulled up the programmer’s manual…

The weather’s getting cool and wetter here now, so indoor hobbies are starting to look pretty interesting again. I also have leisure time in my life again, so I can indulge in beta testing the compiler again if Graham would like the assistance.

Frotz: nice things? Anything in the optimization vein? (I knew of the narrative POV & extension stuff.)

Most of the work is bugfixes. When I get the CVS code completely incorporated, I can focus more on optimization

That’s probably why there is the no deprecated features option. Also, some extensions are still incompatible with 6G60.

Where is all this info on the next release of Inform 7 coming from? It seems to me that it seems to be passing through like chinese whispers.

Conversation I’ve had with Graham. (The reason I’m being vague is not to be all oracular and mysterious, but to avoid misrepresenting the details of things of which I have only casual knowledge). But this was also stated by Emily in the last ‘when is the next version of I7 coming out’ thread. If it seems whispery, apologies. (I suspect that a locked, pinned thread would be useful here.)

Maga, could you make one for us, and then I’ll pin it? I’m on the fringes of the I7 team and don’t really know what’s happening.

Mmmmmmm, not really my place. (I am not on the I7 team at all, let alone on the fringes.) But here’s the last semi-official word:

I decided just to sticky this topic:

Thanks for the info folks and the sticky on the previous thread. Best to just let this one die off and watch the other I would imagine …