Nightwards, Heartwards released

Hey everybody,

Together with Dustin and Flo from Tea-Powered Games we have made a short experimental game for Ludum Dare 38, called Nightwards, Heartwards.

You can now play it from my page or Tea-Powered’s.

Nightwards, Heartwards is an inner exploration game about traveling through the landscapes of your own personality, establishing links with significant people and changing your mood and state of mind to meet the challenges of life. Will you finally settle closer to your Mind or your Heart? How far are you willing to go, Nightwards or Daywards?

Free and available for PC and Mac.

Click here to download it
And click here for a short making of/not-quite-postmortem

EDITED: mended the postmortem link

The making of requires a WP login?

[Edit: I was able to access it by going to your page and clicking the link from there, but the link in the post above asks for a login.]

Oops, you’re right, I think I was linking directly from my own URL when editing the post… d’oh.

Thanks for pointing it out, it should be fine now, no logins needed :slight_smile:.