NI compiler - Can't open Main.i6t

I’m trying to build my project from the command line, and I’m getting this error (Powershell syntax):

PS Z:\devel\Zule> & "C:\Program Files\Inform\Compilers\6L38\ni.exe" -internal "C:\Program Files\Inform\Internal" -project "Z:\devel\zule\Inform\ZuleWorld.inform" -external "C:\Users\Erik\Documents\Inform\"
Inform 7 build 6L38 has started.
Error: can't open input file
Offending filename: <Main.i6t>

I get the same error with the 6M62 ni compiler.
I looked for Main.i6t in the Inform\Internal directory, and I find a bunch of other i6t files but no Main.i6t. I’ve just done a fresh install of 10.1.2.

Any suggestions?

Main.i6t should be in the I6T subdirectory within the directory corresponding to the Inform version within the Retrospective subdirectory of the Inform installation directory; so for example: <Inform install dir>\Retrospective\6L38\I6T.

I think the -internal command line argument should be the directory with the version name, so -internal <Inform install dir>\Retrospective\6L38, for example. (That’s what the IDE uses when one sets the compiler to 6L38 in the settings.)


Ah okay yeah the retrospective directory was the right choice. Thanks!

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