NgPAWS to Infom source or English build of Superglus?

Besides me wanting a conversion tool of ALAN 2 to Inform source, I wonder, is there a way to covert NgPAWS to inform source or mayhaps an English build of Superglus? I am a big fan of PAWS and the Quill by Gilsoft… Big props to Graeme Yeandle and co. for creating such a fine product line! Unfortunately we didn’t see much of PAWS or Quill in the States, due that the Sinclair Spectrum was not as big as other compies… But we did see the PC Adventure Writer System! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Why not developing directly with ngPAWS? ngPAWS already has english IDE, english start database (though I think it needs a review by some more native english speakers) and it even has english documentation. ngPAWS was created with english in mind, while Superglus wasn’t.

To have an english Superglus build we would need:

  1. Translate de IDE, or rather port ngPAWS IDE, that is multilanguage IDE.
  2. Create an english start database. Maybe we can use the ngPAWS one and remove some of the ngPAWS new features.
  3. Translate documentation. This is a huge work, we rather would be using ngPAWS documentation and assume it is more or less the same.
  4. Translate compiler messages.

But if in order to use Superglus we are going to use ngPAWS IDE, ngPAWS start database and ngPAWS documentation. Wouldn’t it be better to use ngPAWS straight ahead?

Also, ngPAWS is more powerful than Superglús, it has new features Superglús will never have and it’s not tied to Glulx virtual machine, what in the end means tied to interpreter not allways up to date and not avaliable for all setups, while ngPAWS uses web browsers as intepreters, what not only is easier to find but also comes already installed in most devices.