Newsletter on retro text adventures: >Remember

Hi all,
I don’t recall having announced it here, but I am starting a monthly newsletter on retro text adventures, that I named >REMEMBER.

In it, I will talk about my current projects and news in that field, and also give an exclusive long-form article. For instance, this month’s article is on Sierra’s first game in France; next month will be on a more technical topic (and maybe i’ll alternate history and technical things; there will also be at some point post-mortem things on Tristam Island).

I’m sending it every 10th of the month, so the first issue is tomorrow! Signup here:



The first three issues have been sent, which includes:
#1 - The French translation of Mystery House
#2 - Text compression in Infocom games
#3 - Portraits of 15 women who contributed to the 80s text adventure scene

My subscriber count is still growing so I probably still haven’t reached everyone I can reach :slight_smile: You can subscribe at, then open the welcome email in a browser and click on “View past issues”.


Thanks, I read the latest issue with interest - especially the women in text adventures article. The story of St Bride’s is a fascinating cultural nugget that I was previously unaware of, despite having read seemingly every page of Wikipedia (I must have missed that one).

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I signed up and got one “subscription confirmed” and one “Thanks for signing up” letter but none of them contained a link to past issues. Am I to expect more mail or am I missing the link somewhere?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it…

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I sent Issue #5 today, which means it’s a good time to up this thread :slight_smile:

#4: a tutorial for, the amazingly intuitive new tool for creating branching fiction (and rven export it to inform 6!) that’s under everyone’s radar here :wink:
#5: a master list of 72 platforms that can run a Z-Machine interpreter, with links and helpful info to set most up!



Issue #8 is out! The last 3 issues were on:

Issue #6: A brief history of French text adventures
Issue #7: Horror in text adventures
Issue #8: Making browser-based retro text adventures with Inform and Vorple

Available at Remember Newsletter ; sign up, then open the welcome email in a browser, and click “past issues” :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone’s support!


I’m glad to see something like this, disappointed I didn’t check the project announcements earlier, and glad there’ve already been 8 issues, so it is not a flash in the pan! I subscribed.

Like Henrik, I was initially unable to find a link to past issues. Are they available? Am I missing something obvious?

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As mentioned…