Newbie looking for collaborator for sales vignettes

I work as a sales coach and am deveoping a range of microcourses and believe telling a story via Interactive fiction offers an opportunity for greater engagement and retention of information. I recently signed on to inform 7 and whilst I could upskill myself I regognise I could do more quicker if I had a collaborator.

Ideally the person will have had some sales knowledge but I have enough experiences to provide real life examples for all manner of successes and failures.

If interested …

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Sounds like a great idea! I think I’ve seen some role-playing simulations for sales training before, with multiple choice, but usually they’re so boring.

It seems this might be most relevant at the basic end of the spectrum for telesales training scripts, rather than high-touch complex enterprise sales.
I can see all those people at home practicing their sales patter with Alexa rather than a rubber duck!

There are some other related companies like that allow you to record your conversations, and they use levels of NLP I believe to analyze the results “for training purposes”, but not interactive.