New zorkmids as arcade tokens, size preference

  • 0.800" (20.32 mm) smaller than a US nickel
  • 0.880" (22.35 mm) bigger than a US nickle
  • 0.900" (22.86 mm) smaller than a US quarter
  • 0.984" (24.99 mm) bigger than a US quarter
  • 1.000" (25.40 mm)
  • 1.073" (27.25 mm) bigger than a US $1 coin
  • 1.125" (28.58 mm)
  • 1.25" (31.75 mm) Close to the original Zorkmid diameter
  • 1.630" (41.40 mm)

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I’m pondering (yet again) the design and production of new zorkmids. Rather than going the custom coin route considered by Robin Lionheart in 2001, I’d like to have them made as arcade tokens. This appears to be much cheaper. These are the sizes commonly available. Up to the 0.984" (24.99mm) size are actually usable in most coin mechanisms in video games. The larger ones are usually used for other things: batting cages, car washes, and so on.

Why arcade tokens? It’s because I tinker with old arcade games and I think it would be fun to use zorkmids in mine. I’m pretty sure there are some people here who’d like to do the same.

I’m in the idea-gathering phase of this project. I don’t know if or when progress will be made.


How big are American Gold Eagles?

The 1 ounce American Gold Eagle measures 32.70 mm. Half-ounce is 27 mm. Quarter-ounce is 22 mm. Tenth-ounce is 16.5 mm.

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If anyone wants to compare, here are the euro coin dimensions:

I have a whole bunch of specialty tokens I’ve gotten for role-playing games and I find that whether I like one usually boils down to heft: does it feel substantial? So I’d definitely also like to hear about thickness and especially weight, too.


That’s so cool! It’d be awesome if you could refurbish a slot machine and theme it to Zork to use with those tokens! Three lanterns wins big money!


Along these lines, how about a run of 1-zorkmid coins sized to fit an arcade coin mech and a run of 5-zorkmid coins measuring 32mm?


grue – grue – grue



“A hatch opens underneath your feet. You fall… and fall…”

Dank Dungeon
-Your eyes cannot penetrate the darkness. But you hear heavy breathing… A growl…
And that smell…

Crunch. Your head cracks under the pressure of mighty fanged jaws.

---- You have been eaten by a Grue.----


I want to see the alert lamps on top of the machine be a brass lantern and the slot arm be a sword that glows blue with LED lights!

If the sword is glowing blue when you hit 3 grues you get an extra special bonus and don’t lose your coins…and your life!


A description like that sounds like it could work as a pinball machine.