New version of StoryTeller with new features

I’ve been working on my framework for HTML nonlinear stories. (original post: [url]])

I’ve added relations and a few other features to support them. Relations allow you to store truth values about items or combinations of items. For example you might define the isHolding relation between characters and objects in your story to keep track of who is holding what. You can then get the answers to questions like “Is David holding the candlestick?” or more complicated questions like “Who is holding the candlestick?” or even “What is David holding?” (19.5 KB)

In the current version I introduced the @ operator to specify lists with only 1 value (see the documentation).

I’ve already replaced that with a better way in the upcoming version but I’ve so-far kept the @ operator too.

I’m thinking of re-purposing it. I doubt anyone is using it yet but if they are, this change would break their stories.

I decided to assume that nobody was using StoryTeller yet and just went ahead and removed the @(…) list notation.

As a result I’ve uploaded a minor release:

Version 0.3 has now been released.

Link: (22.6 KB)