New Version of AXMA - AXMA 7 JS

It looks like Axmasoft is rolling out version 7 of AXMA Story Maker which is rewritten from the ground up in JavaScript and runs JS code in-game. I saw an impressive demo where an entire graphical match-3 style game played in the window of the game, implemented in JS.

The English documentation isn’t quite ready, but I’ve been browsing the Russian-language doc with Google Translate. The editor runs both online and in a downloadable version. Games can be made for free, but for around 20 euro (PayPal will rate-exchange correctly), authors can purchase a pro-account which allows direct export of HTML and modification of the exported website code.
Looks impressive so far.
Screenshot 2018-12-11 16.19.50.png
Screenshot 2018-12-11 16.19.06.png