New Twine App 2.5.1 Interface

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version: 2.5.1
Story Format: Harlowe

I don’t care for the new Twine interface. It opens to almost full screen. The only thing Windows 11 related I haven’t tried is a premium Windows app that costs a fair amount.

Size and positioning can be changed once the app is started but it is a nuisance. Once Twine is open, a selected story opens with story passage blocks open at the center. When a passage is opened for editing, the “large” edit box is firmly positioned to the far right and cannot be moved or sized. With my low vision, I have to have my edit and focus windows in the center of my large screen.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

I may have to delete the app and revert to 2.4.

I reverted to Twine 2.3.16. Problem solved.

FWIW, the version of FancyZones which is included in the most recent release of Windows PowerToys (which is a free download from either the Microsoft Store or GitHub) includes the feature “Move newly created windows to the last known zone,” so you’d only have to set the size and location of Twine’s window once.

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Thank you for the info. The app I saw that does this was a premium app with an annual fee. I already pay enough for Windows…

I will check it out now. Thanks again.

Hi Seldon,

I just installed PowerToys. It does OK but I still prefer the Twine 2.3 interface.

There’s nothing wrong in that. User interfaces can be quite personal. Something that works well for one person can be alienating to another. (Case in point: I enjoy using Anim8or but detest Blender.)

ETA: FWIW, I find FancyZones easier to use than Win10’s native “snap” window positioning management, although they can produce similar results.

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