New topic up at TADS 3 Cookbook

Quick shout-out to @BrettW for supplying the first non-me contribution to the TADS 3 Cookbook.

The entry explains how to offer introductory hints or help to a new or returning player. It’s also a nice example of how to use TADS HintMenu, InitObject, and verb-definition macros, all topics I’ve been meaning to include.

Thanks, @BrettW!


I have a few topics which I feel need covering.
One of which showed up in the fighting lib topic–how to find out if a player is using a screen reader at start up, and if so, set the status line and menus to text only mode.
The other one is how to implement the various diffebrent types of conversation (basic ask/tell, menus, and ask/tell with suggestions and SpecialTopics).
If I have enough time I’ll write the contributions and get them submitted to the cookbook.


That would be great!

No problem! I’m keen to add more!

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Thank you @blindHunter for your recent contribution to the TADS 3 Cookbook, “IF is for everyone”!

In his words, this new entry explains

Great stuff!


Omg I just saw this!!! YESSSS!!! I can probably piggyback this to also adjust how certain responses are displayed, and make them more screen-reader-friendly!!

One thing I forgot to add to the code, and something I’ve added in my own private code, is to turn the status line display mode to ‘StatusModeText.’ This fixes the issue I mentioned with the menues not being accessible, so I’d suggest you add the following code to your version of the code:

statusLine.statusDispMode = StatusModeText;

I’m a little confused. This seems to be in the Cookbook’s version of the code already; am I misunderstanding something?

Ah, I must’ve confused my own private version of the code with the code in the cookbook; let’s just say reinstalling Windows 10 has discombobulated my files a bit.