New to TADS; installing and using adv3lite

I’m following the directions here: … etting.htm

At the part where it says “scroll down the list of Project Types until you get to Adv3Lite”, I don’t see an option for Adv3Lite. I have copied the adv3lite directory to a directory called extensions under my c:\Users\Zach\Documents\TADS 3 directory. I created the folder for the game Heidi under that directory as well (c:\Users\Zach\Documents\TADS 3\Heidi).

I’m coming to TADS from Inform so I’m definitely spoiled a bit but the setup and stuff for TADS is really off-putting. It seems to me that the whole point of having an IDE like this is to not have to muck around with moving files and folders. But I come from environments where I use Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ so I might be a bit spoiled there too! :slight_smile:

I suspect the problem may be that Workbench doesn’t know where to look for the adv3Lite library files.

From the Workbench menu, select Tools -> Options. Scroll down to the System->Library Paths section of the dialogue box that should then appear. Make sure that the full path to the folder where you installed adv3Lite is included in the list of folders that is then shown. If it isn’t, you need to add it. You may then need to close Workbench and reopen it again for the change to take effect.

In my set up (where I may have overdone it to be on the safe side), I have the following paths listed under the System->Library Paths section:

C:\Users\Eric\Documents\TADS 3\extensions\adv3Lite
C:\Users\Eric\Documents\TADS 3\extensions
C:\Users\Eric\Documents\TADS 3\extensions\adv3Lite\extensions

This probably does overdo it somewhere, since I see adv3Lite listed twice in the New Project dialogue.

I had this same problem the first time I tried adv3Lite. Eric’s suggestion should work perfectly – if it doesn’t, please let us know, and provide details on what you see in that dialog box.