New Sub-category: IF Community Resources

Some people may have noticed already, but there is a new category under General:

The intention is for discussion related to other websites and resources commonly used by the IF community that may not themselves include a direct forum for how-to, issues and general questions.

This includes, but is not limited to, IFDB, IFWiki, and IFArchive. Each of those has a tag that can be applied to any message.

Discussion about any resource is welcome - especially if there is no formal message board associated with it.


  • I uploaded a file to IFArchive, but cannot find where it is…
  • How do I start a new page on IFWiki?
  • How can I link to my review of a game on IFDB?
  • I need help uploading my cover art for an IFComp game…
  • My game on itch won’t run full screen, how do I make that happen?
  • How do I contact IFTF?
  • I want to start an IF blog, what sites are recommended to use?
  • How can I syndicate my IF blog posts on Planet IF?
  • Can I use Getty images from their site in my game?
  • I’m trying to donate to Colossal Fund but I don’t understand PayPal…

While we do promote any legitimate discussion, some resources - such as Choice of Games or - already have extensive communities with message boards and certain types of inquiries may be directed to them.

If anyone wishes to create FAQs or process walkthroughs for a resource, please let us know (or point to existing messages we can move) and we can pin them in the category or Wiki them so they are editable by any of our regular members.