New, short game: Faery-Swapped


As part of Seedcomp, I’ve released a short game called Faery-Swapped, where you gain the ability to swap the names of objects and to get people to treat the objects according to the name you’ve given. It’s a small game, one of the smallest I’ve ever released, and was inspired by three of the seeds (weirdcore inspiration, Cthulhu’s Babysitter, and Dream Ideas seeds), and by SCP-4000. Cover art was commisioned from a student at my school.

You can find it, along with the other Seedcomp entries, here. Thanks!


Now that Seedcomp is over, I’ve updated the game on itch and submitted a copy to IFArchive.

I added some bug fixes for things that Rovarsson found, including typos as well as being able to carry a refrigerator with you everywhere you go or being able to drop your name.

Thanks for everyone who played Seedcomp games!