New organizer wanted for New Year's Comp


due to the usual combination of boring reasons for this time of thing (time, change of interests, more pressing commitments), I won’t organize an New Year’s Comp this year.

Maybe someone else wants to step up? It isn’t really much work. All I did was collect the entries, add them to ifdb and spoke to Jacqueline about a date for playing them on Clubfloyd.


I wouldn’t mind organizing the comp. Hell, all one really needs is an email address and an IFDB account. Perhaps an ifMUD account as well, if you want to watch the magic happen on Club Floyd. If no other organizer steps up, then I’ll be more than willing to take over.
My first change will be to move the comp to, as soon as I figure out how itch works. :smiley:

Works for me!

Looks like the “create gamejam” page doesn’t exactly get along with my screen reader, so until I figure out a workaround, I may end up doing things the old-fashioned way.

This comp has always been old-school.