New online Text Game Maker


I’ve been working about two years on an online text game maker (it has been mainly one of my side-projects). Now I have managed to publish it on a beta state and I’m keen to find people to experiement with it.

In few words, it’s a multi-selection text game development platform with (what I think) an easy learning curve. You can create games with graphics or (as a bonus feature) use ANSI-characters to gain that good-old DOS-look. Games can be developed/played in a modern browsers so no need to download any software.

You can find the text game maker at

Hopefully you enjoy the game maker. You can send feedback, comments and/or bug reports here or to my email

Oh, the inventory system looks interesting. Er, this is the strangest thing, but backspace doesn’t seem to work on your signup page.

But, I mean, that’s not really important. Will have a look in the next few days.

This looks very nice, and is one of the more completely thought-out systems for an online text game. I haven’t tried it on a tablet, but I could see the effort put in to make it touch-based.

I very much appreciate the manual that explains all of the interface.

For those who haven’t checked it out, this system lets the author create “screens” of text and choices which could possibly equate to rooms or nodes of interaction, and these are graphically represented by a grid of squares which can be selected specifically and color-changed for organizational purposes. Squares representing screens needn’t be adjacent to the other screens they connect to. The author can also create “levels” which are essentially a new grid of spaces to make screens and separate sections of the game.

Within the editor separate “items” and “actions” can be created, and added to the screens. Choices can be made one-use or recurrent, and can remove or add items to inventory as desired. I think that actions are set choices that can be added to any screen without having to create all the parameters each time, but I could be wrong. Choices can have a simple set random chance of success, with separate outcomes, so you could have “gather mushrooms” as a repeatable choice that doesn’t always succeed.

The display looks to be very customizable with images and color choices for different elements of the interface.

The games are stored on the website, and can be made public in a searchable library or not, with an individual URL that connects to the game (so for a comp, the game could be “published” but not searchable on the site unless the player has the specific URL link.)

Well that is the strangest thing. Backspace is disabled in certain sections in the maker but this sounds like a bug.

Thank you for your comments. You understood it pretty much right. an Individual action can be added to multiple screens and in the screen editor you can change some parameters screen-spesific (sucesss probability, times action can be perfomed, success text etc…).

Game export is one of the feature I think I would like to include to maker, so the developer can export the game (in HTML5 format) and then use it as wish (make more customizations, upload it to spesific location etc). This of course requires some knowledge in web-programming.

Looks pretty cool!

I expect that, once you add “game export”, then the result will be an html file that people can even play offline, right? That would be super, so here’s +1 from me for that feature.

Man, if the exported files word-wrap properly on the iPod Touch, and if people start using this instead of Twine, I’m going to love you so much.

Yes that’s what i meant, i’ll add it to my todo-list.


Me’s happy.

Hi there,

There was some problems with social media logins but it should work fine now with facebook, twitter & google.