New on sub-Q: Lyreless

Sub-Q Magazine has published another of my stories; Lyreless is an adaptation of the Orphic myth that should be particularly interesting for fans of body horror or surreal fantasy. Enjoy!

Is it on purpose that it shows up on the specific “Category: Fantasy” section but not on the general and all-encompassing “Category: Fiction”? (Lime Ergot doesn’t show up in the general one, either).

I ask because I check SubQ every day for new works, and I totally missed Lyreless. Now I know why, but I was wondering whether this was on purpose or just an oversight.

I liked this one a lot! In particular, I think this game might have the best use of random cycling links that I’ve seen yet, during the part about interpreting the oracles. I don’t remember that idea ever being used to make such a point before. Also, the randomly generated sensation paragraph in the city was another neat text effect!

They have an email list you can join. Also the schedule is a new piece every Tuesday. Also Lyreless came out literally a couple hours ago, so that might be why you missed it.

Great to know. Cheers!