New Introcomp website looks cool

I don’t know if anyone’s brought it up here yet, but the new introcomp website at looks great. I’m really excited by Xalavier Nelson Jr’s addition to the introcomp team (and his eventual takeover). I also think the emphasis on allowing any part of your game to be submitted is also cool!

It just all looks super exciting. Go introcomp!

Very cool! I’m so very glad to know there is a Beast hiding behind my eyelids to deal with me if I end a game “AND THEN THEY ALL DIED. THE END!”

IntroComp is a great semi-low stakes way to dip your foot into the Comp scene and get some feedback and encouragement to finish a game you’ve always wanted to write or has been stalled for a while.

Yeah it does. Just visited.

I like the new style, it looks more of a thing in itself now, rather than a section in Jacqueline’s own web (not that I had a problem with that, of course).

Lovely Idea, website looks good. If you need any help with website let me know I can help. I’m web developer and big fun of role playing games. I’m not trying to advertise myself. I’m just saying that I can help you for free.