New intepreter for the Pico-8 released: > Status Line

I took the plunge and released a z3-compatible interpreter for the Pico-8.

I would consider this more of a “curiosity” than a “robust, feature-rich interpreter” but it brings some text adventure goodness to a platform that most wouldn’t expect to see it on. And there is something cozy about playing text adventures in a 128x128 pixel screen.

I hope everyone enjoys it. :slight_smile:



This is quite impressive, and indeed, it supplies for a niche that was absent in that marvelous console that is pico-8.

Imagine the possibilities… custom physical consoles to play big adventures in a small 128x128 display. I’m drooling.

Thanks a lot!


My pleasure, and thanks for the kind words!

I’ve been consulting with others in the Pico-8 and IF tool-making communities and there is a possible (future) method for creating standalone, embedded games using Status Line as the invisible, internal engine. That would make the concept of “custom physical console” a possibility; loading a saved game may still be problematic, thanks to Pico-8’s very strict file I/O restrictions. There is still much work to be done before that comes to fruition, but it feels like a logical step forward.

Glad you like it!