New game: Starship Adventures (CS retro scifi comedy)

I joined a game jam last year, and - long story short - it sparked wildly, deliciously out of control.

We ended up with a collaboration between five total strangers (who now know one another a little too well), and this game is the result: a weird and special creature that makes people laugh.

I edited all of it (as well as writing various bits) and if you love your Hosted Games you’ll recognise Eric Moser and Jac Colvin from their own games (and me, obviously). Not one of us had a ChoiceScript game out when we started writing “Starship Adventures”.

You can play it via browser, or all the usual apps - just click through to

I thought the collaborative aspect was very interesting to other writers, so I added a bunch of special features - author interviews, behind-the-scenes discussions, etc. If you want to ask specific questions, go ahead. I left out the logistical horrors of the paperwork and such, but now that the game is out the pain of that process is pleasantly dulled.