New game: Sarawak by Cowleyfornia Studios

Sarawak is best described as a narrative adventure, and gameplay is split between interactive text choices and point-and-click puzzles. Sarawak will appeal to players who enjoyed the likes of 80 Days, A Case of Distrust, LucasArts adventure games or Agatha Christie novels.

Sarawak is out today, and there is a 10% discount for release week.


Sounds intriguing but it is hard to pull the trigger at $10. :frowning_face:

Don’t make me go look up the inflation-adjusted release price of Zork 1.

Simply my personal opinion. But in comparison, Thaumistry by Bob Bates is only $4 and is a substantial game from a known author.

I like the Kindle option of sample intros. You don’t have to judge a book by its cover and blurb alone.

To be fair Thaumistry’s launch price was $14.99.

And Zork was available on commercial compilation CDs for pennies on the dollar decades ago.

Sarawak looks like a nice game. I just willing to part with $10 to give it a try.

A cinema ticket is at least 10 € plus beers and nachos and provides you with 2 hours of entertainment. If Sarawak comes at 10 € plus beers and nachos and has a game time of less than 2 hours it’s not worth the money, On the other hand, if the game time is 2 hours or more…

I assume this topic (and the downfall of AAA adventures because everybody’s waiting for 0.99 € sales) has been discussed a gazillion times before so I’m not going to elaborate.