New Game - Sanctuary in Time - Text-based, Adult, Sci-fi

Greetings, one and all!

I’m Max Ingram, indie developer behind Sanctuary in Time, my new text-based, adult, sci-fi, management game. The game is newly listed on the Interactive Fiction Database and has a free version available to download now. Here’s the details. Check it out, and thank you!


A text-based, god-game management sim with a sci-fi twist! You’re the half-blood son of the recently murdered God of Time. When his fearsome beast-like foes try to make you just-as-murdered, you find yourself rescued by a spear-wielding, loincloth-clad woman leaping from a dimensional portal. She pulls you safely to the Citadel, a far-off sanctuary built by the star-spanning people of your father. And now it’s up to you to fill its halls with beautiful female followers rescued from throughout history, add structures, upgrade them, and survive the forces that killed your father!


  • A text-based, narrative driven experience. Features both a hand-crafted main story campaign as well as procedurally generated side story content that occurs randomly.

  • Turn-based action. Inspect and manage your followers, give them duty assignments to perform, then advance time to see the results of your choices.

  • Choose the path of strength, persuasion, or both! Train your followers to be well-muscled warriors who fight to defend your life, or guide them down the paths of diplomacy and the loving arts so they can serve as peace-making priestesses instead. It’s entirely up to you!

  • Customize your followers. The more devoted your followers become, the more willing they are to follow your instructions. Unlock new tiers of customization options as your followers advance in your service.

  • Be the new God of Time. Use the technology of your Celestial forebears to pluck women in distress from the darkest recesses of Earth’s history. Save them from fates worse than death and earn their eternal gratitude!


well, I’m not sure if your work is in the right place here, not because is an AIF, but because, well, looking at the screenshot (this being a Linux machine), is definitively uncategorisable, having elements of IF, strategy, management and RPG mixed together, albeit for how well, I don’t have time now (tomorrow are held the general election in my country…) for assessing thru wine…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

I like that :slight_smile: . Thanks for having a look :+1: .